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Museum exhibition designers for Plymouth City Museum & art Galleries redesign of ground floor

quality gallery lighting design

exhibition designers workshops achieve successful HLF Heritage Lottery Funding Application stage passes
Museum Exhibition Designers Reference from Plymouth City Museum Director

Museum Exhibition Designers
Creating Exciting & Engaging Interiors

As museum exhibition designers we are specialists in generating exciting and engaging museum interiors, exhibitions and displays. Our task is to unfold story lines, historical events and factual information in an enjoyable and memorable visit for scholars and the general public.

This is why after seeing our previous projects; the head curator of Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery contacted our team see if we could assist in the redevelopment the ground floor of the city’s museum. Their displays and galleries were old and tired, losing any POP factor to get visitors excited about their visit.

During the first consultation meeting with the museum director and staff, our museum exhibition designers described the future vision for the museum. This vision described how each gallery would consist of exciting colourful interpretation unfolding story lines. These combining wonderfully with fascinating objects from their collections, displayed beautifully to engage and excite visitors.

It is by creating these emotions in people that we can trigger a desire to learn more and thereby increasing the chance of return visits.

The museum project consisted of a re-design of the ground floor, comprising of a prominent entrance hall and several large galleries.

Museum design workshop carried out by our museum exhibition designers on site
Museum exhibition concept designs created in detail model
Museum exhibition design concepts used for inclusion in (NLHF) National Lottery Heritage Fund submission
Finished museum ground floor concepts shown in entrance of museum
Our museum exhibition designers worked with the museum gallery staff for the redesign of the ground floor
It is very interesting to see how the finish exhibition galleries closely resemble the early model concepts
Islamic exhibition gallery design used a strong colour to connect to the senses whilst visitors experienced the various displays
This museum exhibition design project was successfully awarded National Lottery Heritage Funding (NLHF) in this jointly funded project

During our preliminary meetings it was established that our museum exhibition designers would hold a sequence of design workshops. These workshop would help us generate the concept designs for each gallery.

As part of the design workshops we created a large scale models to help staff better appreciate the constraints of the space in order to better impart information.

Working together with the various department heads our designers create potential layouts and displays. Initially these were basic; however this simple process helped spark wonderful ideas and creative solutions for each gallery. It was very clear that conservators, curators and the museum director loved that they were helping to design their own galleries.

This design methodology was nothing they had ever experienced previously when working with other museum design specialists.

Finally once all of the galleries, shop and essential café concept designs had been completed an exhibition item was given a number and added to a project spreadsheet. This detailed spreadsheet would allow an accurate budget to be obtained from fit-out contractors. The completed model supported the (NLHF) National Lottery Heritage Fund submission. The NLHF giving high praise on the high quality of design approach, presentation, accuracy of budgeting and submission.

Following the National Lottery Heritage Fund submission the model was placed on display in the museum entrance. This permitting visitors and friends of the museum a preview some of the exciting changes they would get to experience.

The museum exhibition project successfully secured joint funding from the Plymouth City Council and (NLHF) National Lottery Heritage Fund (formerly Heritage Lottery Fund). The museum exhibition design project was finished in 18 months and came in under the original budget.

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