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Museum Heritage Consultants Workshops

SMA design now provide museum heritage consultancy workshops covering master-planning, visitor management, design, interpretive planning and development for heritage & cultural projects.

These heritage workshops are especially useful for local museums, galleries and visitor centres with smaller budgets that want to improve overall visitor experience.

Our consultants help heritage teams to see the larger picture in an achievable, affordable and sustainable approach, connecting collections with visitors in a fun and enjoyable way.

Having an independent party to overview your aspirations or goals can bring added value, clarity and also point out possible missed opportunities and lost revenue streams.

These heritage workshops take place over an agreed amount of days and budget. After which we would carry out any agreed necessary additional works allowing us to revert back with our proposal for comment and approval.

Museum Heritage Consultantcy Services

Museum Heritage Master planning
Concept & Feasibility Development
Interpretive Planning
Visitor Management
HLF(NLHF) Applications (Stage one & two passes)
Graphic Design / Branding / Corporate
Mounting Objects & Installation
Lighting Design
Commercial Exhibitions
Museum Exhibit Design
Traveling & Temporary Exhibits
Project Management

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Heritage Consultancy

Master Planning
Feasibility Development
Design Concepts
Visitor Management
Interpretive Planning

Audience Development
HLF Applications (Stage 1 & 2)
Museum Branding
Graphic Design
Museum Exhibit Design
Temporary Exhibits
Heritage Design
Visitor Centres
Heritage Lottery Support
Art Packaging & Transport
Museum Exhibit Design
Temporary Exhibits
Traveling Exhibitions

Exhibition  Design Services

Feasibility Studies
Concept Development
Travelling Exhibitions
Lighting Design
Commercial Exhibitions
Exhibition Booth Design
Exhibition Literature
Corporate Branding

Graphic Designers

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