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Architectural Model Conservation


RIBA Architectural Model Repairs, Conservation and Restoration

good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate & enrich on so many different levels.Museum lighting design must embrace aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation & energy efficiency
impressive results, sma's museum restoration methodology transformed our models, so they can be enjoyed once more - CBRE

Architectural Model Conservation, Conserving & Restoration

Our team of museum conservation and restoration model makers have developed many sympathetic architectural model conservation & conserving techniques. These museum techniques are far more effective than those used by the model makers that produced the original architectural model.

These model conservation & restoration techniques are especially important in the conserving of architectural models. This is especially important for prestigious projects. Some of these architectural models will later form part of important historical exhibitions or collections within museums.

Various intensities of conservation and conserving are adopted to consolidate the model. Although on certain model projects only conservation and its preservation are required. This methodology leaves the patina that builds up with time. If restoration is the preferred option then we will return the model as close as possible to its original condition.

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Architectural models become more fragile with age, materials become brittle & adhesives dry out. Therefore keeping vibration and shock impact to a minimum is paramount. So where possible all conservation and repair work is carried out on site.

This saves on the transportation cost and reduces downtime, allowing the model to be viewed immediately after the conservation is completed.

We would always recommend cleaning or repairing architectural models on a monthly basis. This approach prevents the build-up of dirt and important broken items can be easily replaced before they are lost.

SMA design are Europe’s only architectural model conservation and restoration company utilising unique museum conservation skills to preserve architectural models for the future.
Architectural model conservation and restoration to luxury London residential development consolidation of wall and blending in of damaged paint work.
None intrusive and invisible architectural model conservation and restoration of four x 2 meter towers for Dubai based client."><
Utilising HEPA filter vacuum equipment architectural models are conserved whilst catching loose model items with a specially developed filter so they can be replaced during the conservation process.
Packing architectural models correctly reduces dramatically the risk of damage.  Whilst our unique anti shock & vibration packing cases, lessening shock in transit.
Architectural model clean and repair whilst still in Marketing Suite only 1 hour prior to potential new tenant & agent meeting.
This architectural model was badly damaged, on site the surface was cleaned, filled and then carefully touch-up to existing surface
Architectural model conservation, replacement of missing items, including lighting repairs
Architectural model conservation, repair, restoration.
Our team of model conservationists, clean and restore some of the world’s most precious artefacts so imagine how these unique skills can restore your tired looking architectural model.
Harrods Estates Luxury Property stand, using museum conservation methods our architectural model makers are able to conserve, clean and repair architectural models on site leaving no downtime for those important presentations.
Any location and what ever the damage, our team can restore any architectural model back to its original condition - ideal for insurance companies & claims.

For those delicate architectural models that need to travel to exhibitions, we provide our unique tailor-made museum-grade anti-vibration packing cases. These purpose built packing cases dramatically reduce the chance of breakages whilst in transit.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our architectural model conservation, restoration or the packing and transportation of models, then contact our team.

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