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SMA design is an international lighting design consultants with clients across the globe.

Our lighting designers create unique, inspiring and continually evolving solutions which are changing many of the old methods of lighting.

We deliver inclusive international lighting services for architectural projects, hotels, retail, residential, historic buildings, museums, exhibitions and art galleries.

Light has a substantial effect on the awareness of physical spaces and a direct emotional response of those who enter, work, play or shop in these surroundings.

Here we see the realisation of Simon Morris's lighting design.
Requiring something special for this landmark building Land Securities asked Simon to be lighting design consultant for both the reception desks & internal lighting.
SMA design worked as museum & lighting design consultants to Triad Architects of Kenya on this European funded project.
Fibre-optic LED lighting design solution screened from visitor eyes.
3D Reid Architects approached SMA design to work with them to provide expertise and knowledge in both museum & lighting design.
SMA design were asked to develop various lighting design and interior design solutions for this prestigious building in Threadneedle Street.
SMA design designed both exterior & interior lighting design solutions for Hammerson on this 28 storey City of London development.
Lighting Design of the ICANDO Centre for girls functions - Funky lighting design colour changing fabric structure.
Exhibition showcase which utilises dimmable LED lighting allowing low lux light levels to be adjusted to suit specific object requirements.
Following the opening of a new exhibition (by others) the National Army Museum employed SMA design to advise how to resolve the disappointing exhibition lighting.
good lighting design for private art collectors.
Whether designing the interior of an office space, hotel, restaurant, new build or existing home, our experience and attention to detail proves invaluable to the client.

Good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate and enrich our lives.

Our lighting designers create unique, inspiring and continually evolving solutions which are changing many of the old methods of lighting.

With a strong sense of style, our lighting designers achieve lighting solutions that use the latest technologies for example LED's and Bluetooth Mesh technology.

This process requires a talented designer to balance numerous key elements creating that something special. These components need to seamlessly move from the lighting concept, into detailed technical specifications. This of course must happen without the loss of aesthetic or function.

For art objects that are sensitive to light we offer conservation lighting and audits. Any amount of light is abusive to photosensitive art objects and paintings. Therefore understanding how much light and UV they are exposed to over a period of time is paramount. With this knowledge the right conditions can be put in place to create the perfect light environments. However, without carrying out this due diligence, you might very well see your treasured art piece slow disappear before your eyes.

The irreversible consequence of this light abuse, will be to significantly spoil your enjoyment of the art piece and drastically reduced value of the collection.

We can even advise on "daylighting". Daylighting is relatively new discipline, where we control natural light to achieve fantastic results, at no cost to the planet or your pocket.

Our designs are green, flexible, energy efficient, address conservation, whilst sensitive to architecture, art, leisure and retail environments.

From concept to fully documented design, our designers offer an unparalleled lighting service. These services focus on achieving the finest possible lighting solution, whilst being cost effective for the client.

Whatever the size or budget, our lighting design consultants provide your lighting project with the same attention to detail.

Its never to late to start enjoying the benefits of high quality lighting in your home, office or work place.

the difference is in the detail

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