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museum designs that communicate, excite, influence, relate, relax engage, provoke, inspire & educate

museum lighting design must embrace aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation & energy efficiency
beautiful layout, perfectly crafted art mounts & frames, the difference really was in sma design's attention to detail - Katanga Mining

Object Mounting

Efficient art object mount making combines overall aesthetic considerations with a concern for each object's nature and safety., avoiding problems and adverse reactions from use of incompatible materials.

With our background in design, the goal is always to create an object mount that virtually disappears, thereby not interfering with the integrity or silhouette of the objects they support.

Numerous materials are used to display the objects to their full potential, this can be acrylic, brass, wood or steel. There is no single object mounting material solution, which is best for all art museum or art objects.

British Museum storage basement - gathering object information for project database, mounting, exhibition plinth or showcase purposes.
With laser cutting and traditional hand craftsmanship, object mounts that previously were impossible to produce, can now be produced affordably.
Female tube section fixed within stone head, removable male rod fixes into head and plinth, leaving no protruding part when in transportation. This also reduces risk to object on re-installation.
Copper Mineral - cradled object mount in floating polished acrylic & cherry wood support.
Textiles stitched to linen back cloth and protected with removable anti reflective glass screens.
However large or small your project SMA design are able to assist you with all your object mounting, framing and packing requirements.
Mounting of contemporary sculpture on to marble base - Our mount makers are able to design, produce and install all forms of object mounts.
Exhibition, museum art packing cases that use our unique anti shock and vibration base & lids, lessening in transit or storage damage.
SMA design are able to design, produce and install all forms of picture framing from contemporary to gilded frames.
African Congo objects mounted on backboard which conceals unsightly fixings and supports for the floating acrylic & cherry wood shelving that supports 50 kilos.
Using museum conservation methods our architectural model makers are able to conserve, clean and repair architectural models on site leaving no downtime for those important presentations.
Egyptian jewellery collection using simple brass cradle mounts sprayed and protected to blend with back cloth.

Our mount makers are familiar with a full range of mount making practices, from pinning small delicate ancient art objects, to designing and fabricating large structural mounts. These object mounts (armatures in the USA) are carefully padded to prevent abrading to the objects. Whilst our designers work with our mount makers to make sure the aesthetic appearance is maintained.

Safe, efficient installation of museum quality objects, requires skill, understanding and teamwork. Working closely with museum staff we are able to facilitate cost effective yet stunning object mounting display solutions.

Our object mount making and installation services allow museums, galleries and private art collectors the opportunity to have beautifully designed & crafted art mounts (armatures).

For those objects that need to travel, we provide tailor made anti-vibration packing cases which dramatically reduces the chance of breakages whilst in transit.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of art object mounting, restoration, conservation or the packing and transportation of objects, then contact our mount making team.

the difference is in the detail

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