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Lighting Art Restaurant References

Lighting Art in Restaurants Perfectly & Safely

Babur has been serving contemporary Bengali Indian cuisine to rave reviews from Michelin and The Good Food guides since 1985.

Our specialist art lighting designers were appointed to advise on lighting art on display in the restaurant. This included implementing measures to protect the art from extreme lighting conditions and humidity.

The restaurant owner has brought together a wonderful art collection from various established Indian artists. These particularly light sensitive art works were on permanent display around the restaurant for diners to enjoy.

Unfortunately these important art pieces had been exposed to long durations of heat, unstable humidity, high light and UV levels. This was from both sunlight and existing halogen light sources (light levels measuring up to 3500 lux were recorded). Preferably sensitive art pieces should have no more than 50 lux and a maximum of 15,000 hours of exposure per year.

Following an extensive lighting survey of the restaurant our lighting designers were able to provide detailed report. This included suggestions on necessary improvements to the restaurants lighting and for the conservation and well-being of the art.

Lighting art in restaurants like Babur that have fabulous art collections is our expertise and passion
Textile art removed for cleaning by conservation team ready for art lighting
art lighting specialists for lighting art perfectly
Restaurant art lighting for textile art museum quality track spot lighting
LED conservation museum quality spot lighting is used to highlight restaurants hanging art
Various restaurant lighting techniques were used to provide a beautiful dining experience yet protect the art on display
Very high standard of art lighting in restaurants can be acheived on minimal bugets
Solar window film reduced solar gain by 80% &harmful UV by 99.9% providing acceptable light levels for the art in the restaurant

Of course a restaurant is neither a museum or art gallery, therefore it was imperative to balance the well-being of the art against commercial concerns.

It was agreed that passer-by’s and diners needed to continue to see in and out of the restaurant, without there being any noticeable change. Therefore various solar films were tested on the restaurants glass frontage to find an appropriate compromise.
The solar film finally agreed was able to reduce solar gain by 65% and harmful UV light by 99.9% any more intensive than it created unwanted characteristics. This was repeated towards the back of restaurant, where a large glazed skylight generated unwanted glare and heat via solar gain. Prior to these works this space had become almost unusable at lunch times in the summer months.

The original halogen lamps lighting the various art works and common spaces around the restaurant, were substituted with museum quality 95% CRI, 2700 kelvin, LED lamps.

We introduced 2200(K), IP65 LED ribbon lighting behind the banquette seating providing a soft warm decorative light to the brickwork. Whilst elegant filament Edison bulbs (not LED) housed in the 43 Louis Poulsen - Pakhus pendants complimented the dining experience. The same LED ribbons were used to create a funky highlight effect to the eternal surfaces of the American Walnut puzzle wall service area.

All of these various light sources were controlled using programmable scene settings to create various mood and atmosphere at the touch of a button.

Other art and lighting works included;

  • Kalamkar textile art work detached from the existing timber hanger, dry cleaned removing dust and possible insect infestation.
  • Conservation backing material was sewn to the back of the art work for mounting on to the new inert forex board.
  • Existing display showcase was restored, sealed and allowed to off gas.
  • Original halogen lamps were completely removed from the showcase.
  • External track lighting utilised to provide flexibility and a better spread of controlled quality light.
  • Showcase was also retro fitted with Prosorb cassettes (55% humidity) to help maintain stable humidity level.
  • Finally the display showcase was re-glazed with Low-iron glass, allowing the art to be observed in its correct colours.
Babur’s art is now properly on display perfectly & safely for diners to enjoy as they sample some of the finest Bengali Indian food in London.

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