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Exhibition Designers - Cultural Projects "Rehearsals Exhibition"

This was the 6th exhibition that SMA design exhibition designers had assisted the Korean Cultural Centre. These works included exhibition design, installation and lighting of the exhibits.

Unusually for cultural projects the Rehearsals exhibition consisted of various live performances, performed by the famous artist Kun-yong Lee. One of these re-enactment was of the artists famous work 1979 Snail’s Gallop performance.

Therefore the positioning of the art and lighting had to work with both the artists performance, as well as displaying the art to its optimum. This would allow the visitors visiting this exciting exhibition to enjoy both the artist performance and appreciate the art on display.

The exhibition design layout made interesting connections. For example; the live art performances by famous South Korean artist Kun-yong Lee’s, Snail’s Gallop performance travelled 10 meters diagonally across the main gallery. Our exhibition designers had the interesting idea. If we were to pass the art work under the AV projection screen it would make a fascinating link with the past.

Over 100 LED light fittings were used throughout the various art galleries. These fittings were fitted with various lighting filters to highlight this amazing art exhibition. It is certainly the best implemented exhibition cultural project to date at the Korean Cultural Centre.

Korean artists independently remarked how beautifully the lighting and exhibition design layout had been executed
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Exhibition design with live art performance - cultural project.
Exhibition designers and lighting designers for Cultural Projects
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Old light fittings given a new lease of life with retro fitted LED lamps.
Rehearsal Exhibition a cultural project at the Korean Cultural Centre in London.
reduction in UV and solar gain via window film for cultural projects

The different time periods of this cultural project were lit using different colour temperature of light. For example; the older 1960’s art used 3000k (Kelvin) whilst the later works had 5000K a more cool whiter light. This change in light temperature also aided the delineation of the works.

All of the improvements to the galleries lighting, filters and controls were used to their full to maximise the striking imagery on display.

Kim Ku Lim & Kun-yong Lee are both famous South Korean artists and they independently remarked how beautifully the lighting and exhibition design layout had been executed.

 It is always nice to receive such high praise from distinguished artists.

SMA design are delighted to have already been asked by Korean Cultural Centre to work on their next exhibition in September, at which time we hope to tweak the light still further.

If your organisation needs help with your next cultural project then have a chat with us. At the very least our experienced exhibition designers, we will help you get your project off to the right start.


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