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Mies van der Rohe Mansion House Square Architectural Model Conservation and Restoration - Mies van der Rohe & James Stirling: Circling the Square Exhibition


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Architectural Model Specifications & Briefs

Whether you’re are an architect, property developer or someone needing to have an architectural model produced for that important project, you instantly start to recall your last experience!

What did or do you know about having an architectural model made? What’s the right type of materials to use, how should I light it for maximum effect, what’s the best scale for purpose, acrylic case or not, there are just so many questions that need answering.

Architectural models require specialist knowledge, time and effort to achieve a first class architectural model which will impress and continue to impress months and years later, unlike so many architectural models that start curling at the edges almost from the day they are delivered.

Whether its a planning model, large scale working model or marketing model using out architectural model brief writing and project management service makes everything that much easier.
Correctly detailed Architectural model specifications gets your model off to the best possible start, improving quality, longevity and improved delivery times.
When your architectural model has to get there in one piece, our unique anti shock & vibration packing cases, lessening shock in transit or storage damage.
When every detail matters, continual project management is a must to achieve an architectural model that will still look good after its been through those all important meetings and presentations.
SMA design are a totally independent model making advisory service, we help you make all the right choices with over 30 years experience, we ask all the important questions to realise your expectations.
Don’t let the next architectural model you require for that marketing suite become a nightmare, let us independently advise you on everything from the scale, level of detail and model makers to use to name but a few.
Example of a poor quality architectural model, the pavements and surrounding area do not have enough former support in the base board to stop everything from cracking or lifting.
By involving and independant model making consultants you can relax, knowing every detail is being attended to and your model will be delivered on time and to a much higher qaulity of build.
Every step of the model build process is examined in detail to make sure it reaches the exacting standards set by our model briefs & specifications.
Any location and what ever the damage, our team can restore any architectural model back to its original condition - ideal for insurance companies & claims.
When you want the architectural models restoration to be none intrusive.
With laser cutting and traditional hand craftsmanship, missing architectural model pieces can now be reproduced affordably.

In most cases the client will be guided by either the architect or architectural model makers they have instructed but without any specialist assistance the client is in no position to make and informed decision, positive for the project or not?  

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources then this is where SMA design model making consultancy proves invaluable.

SMA design clients include, Hammerson, Great Portland Estates, British Land and Land Sec as well as other international property developers and architectural offices.

It is essential to get your architectural model off to the best possible start. SMA design meets with all parties to fully understand the project before writing a fully detailed brief or specification. This includes materials and fine points of detail for the model making companies to provide accurate quotations, delivery times and samples of their build quality.

SMA design then provide project management visits all through the build period, delivering impressive architectural models that will stand the test of time and impress at every turn.

the difference is in the detail

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