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Exhibition Designers
Ffor Charities & Charitable Organisation

Our exhibition designers were approached by Chinmaya UK charitable organisation. They were arranging an exhibition & event day. The opening of the exhibition was in only 14 days’ time and on a small budget!

After discussing the exhibition design requirements it was clear that this UK charity urgently needed professional exhibition design assistance.

Within two days we were meeting the client at Quaker House in London. During our initial consultation meeting our exhibition designer discuss various possibilities to deliver “The Science of Happiness Exhibition” in line with the unique message of Swami Chinmayananda.

Firstly our exhibition designer visited the auditorium where the exhibition would be held. This visit is so important to get a feel of the space, lighting etc. Listening to the clients’ aspirations and goals a concept was sketched out to see if it would work with the space. The concept design guided the visitors around the outer exhibition, unfolding various questions. These questions were organised to make people think and reflect on, what is real happiness?

Also at this time they were able to immerse themselves in some low tech interactive's before entering the inner sanctum.

The inner sanctum was sighted directly under the large sky light which gives the auditorium its name “the light”. When you entered the space you would be confronted with a simple mirror surrounded by famous quotes. Instantly the visitor asks themselves why there is a mirror?

The message being “happiness is within you already”

"The Science of Happiness Exhibition” was a free charitable exhibition for everyone of all faiths. It was held at the Quaker House in London within the “light auditorium”. The comments from people clearly showed they had such fun and a great day out for the whole family.

Simple bright graphics and interactives for exhibition design.
“The Science of Happiness Exhibition” a free charitable exhibition held at the Quaker House in London within the Light auditorium.
Designers concept sketch of exhibition design showing visitor flow and interactives.
The advantages of Low Tech interactives in an exhibition design.

Our exhibition designers are not here just for the large exhibition design projects. We can provide charities and charitable organisation professional exhibition design assistance even on small budgets.

Sometimes a client just needs to get off to the right start. So if you have an exhibition or event coming up please feel free to call our friendly team.

You will pleased you did!

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