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Exhibition design & museum design workshops helping you to achieve successful(NLHF) HLF Heritage Lottery Funding Applications
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Exhibition Design + Museum Design

SMA design is an exhibition, museum and lighting design consultancy. We have built up global partnerships with architectural practises, property developers, museums, foundations, trusts and private clients.

With a team of museum, exhibition and lighting design professionals, we balance strategic knowledge and fresh design ideas to create environments that connect with people.

With design expertise on detail and quality, SMA design consultancy provides pioneering new low and hi-tech exhibition designs for museums. Our unique designs are tailored so that displays and storylines engage visitors, increasing attendance and return visits. Whilst our interiors blend aesthetics with functionality, allowing people to enjoy spaces that they work, rest, learn or play in.

Designing in an environment that actively encourages the client’s involvement, our designers can handle projects that vary greatly in scale, diversity and scope.

From simple lighting & focusing for exhibition design, through to large museum design & installation projects.

Our innovative designs constantly deliver effective memorable solutions that: communicate, educate, inspire, relate, engage, provoke, encourage, excite and relax.

Whilst property developers know that if we can perfectly light an ancient art sculpture or priceless master from a distance of 30 meters. Then how extraordinary will their new property development appear with architectural lighting designs utilising the latest LED technologies, that makes buildings POP!

SMA design provides numerous other related design services. These services are for museums, exhibitions and lighting, where our experience, excellence in design and attention to detail, proves invaluable to the client.

So please take a moment to see some of the wonderful projects and clients we have been working with over the last two decades. Also, why not check out out our blogs to get some helpful tips from the design world.

Remember, our aim has always been and remains still true today, “to treat every project, however large or small, with the same enthusiasm and tenacity as if it was our first”.

Therefore if you or your organisation is looking for an experienced and talented design consultancy for your next project. Then why not give our team of designers a call. We will make sure your project ticks all the right boxes and gets off to the best possible start. You and your project will be glad you made the call!

the difference is in the detail

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