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Museum exhibition designers assist art collector for Single Donor Museum in China

Over the coming months our museum exhibition designers will be assisting a private art collector. Our role will start the process of creating a single donor museum, to house this outstanding art collection.

Previously art collectors would gift their collections to a charitable foundation or museum. The collector would have a new museum building, wing or extension named in their honour. However now art collectors prefer to have control of where and how their art will be displayed.

The creation of this single donor museum, will allow this unique art collection, which has taken 30 years to establish to be seen. The art collection consisting off ancient art, fine art and contemporary pieces. The art will come from numerous locations and housed within the single donor museum, possibly in either Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, China.

The location is yet to be confirmed whilst other studies are completed for each locations suitability.

Initially we will be carrying out studies working with the art collector and his museum team. It is essential when starting any museum design to understand the size and diversity of the collection. Once this has been accessed, the process of determining how many square meters is required, to display such a large and aesthetic collection. We also include a number of areas that will provide necessary flexible gallery space for temporary and travelling exhibitions.

If all goes to plan, our museum designs will allow the public to view and share in the wonders of this fabulous collection. Some of items from this fabulous art collection have never been on exhibition or previously shown to the public.

Private Art Collectors we provide these design services to assist your vision with total confidentiality assured.

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