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Different museum design approach by London Museum design company.

Museum lighting design aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation & energy efficiency

Museum design workshops helping you to achieve successful HLF Heritage Lottery Funding
museum design company reference - Harris Museum & Art Gallery.

Museum Design Company

SMA design is an international museum design company which has well-known and desirable status for creating innovative high quality museum design.

By never repeating a previous museum design we breathe in new creativity, life and vigour into interpretation and museum display.

Clearly not all museum design companies can deliver the same variety of museum services as SMA designs knowledgeable and expert specialists.

When we discuss your museum or exhibition project we not only bring with us a vast amount of experience and knowhow. Our professional also have the ability to answer questions on many other related services. For example museum lighting design, graphic design, branding, object mounting and so much more.

Our work designing for prestigious property development companies has provided us an exceptional capacity to think outside the box. It has permitted us to transport over these forward looking display techniques and interactive equipment into local and national museums.

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Museum design company and firm provide planning for largest private art collection to go on show.
SMA design museum design company provides traditional museum & exhibition design services.
Museum design company project which forms part of the Azerbaijan Presidential Complex.
Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery redesign by museum design company.

Museum Design Company Services

  • Feasibility
  • Concept Design
  • Museum Exhibit Design
  • Touring & Tempoary Exhibitions
  • NHLF Museum Design Workshops
  • Logistics / Project Management
  • Graphic & Museum Branding
  • Display Showcase Design
  • Lighting / Focusing
  • Mounting Objects
  • Art Installs
  • Art Packaging & Transport
  • Fine Art Courier Services

This doesn't’t mean high tech equates to high cost in fact we are a supporter of using low & high technologies together to improve visitor interactivity and experiences.

It’s the ability of knowing how people interact with 2D & 3D information and the visitor flows that allow us to design exhibitions that are less exhausting. The result of these adjustments means visitors are less fatigued and retain more of what they have experienced. The other advantage of this approach will be the increase chance of a return visit.

If we have sparked your interest in seeing what makes our museum design company different to others. Then please contact our designers who will provide essential pointers to get your project off to the best possible start.


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the difference is in the detail

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Museum Design Services

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