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Exhibition Design & Display for Ancient Art Collections

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Our gallery designers have been forging ahead on the re-design of two floors of this ancient art gallery in London.

This Mayfair based art gallery is one of four international locations boasting some of the finest ancient art held in private hands.

Over the years the art market has to reposition itself as the internet changes the demographic of how art is viewed and purchased. Therefore established art galleries have to change their approach if they are to retain their standing and sales in the art market.

One way to achieve this is by offer something that internet only art dealer’s can not provide. It is not a secret that when we buy anything we use lots of our senses not just sight.

Physical art galleries provide the opportunity to touch, feel, smell and examine the art in detail. Our senses allow for a more immersive buying experience, as we explore its touches us on a completely different level.Ths is something that can’t be done on a screen, mobile or by images alone.

international ancient art design projects.
Gallery design for ancient art in Mayfair London.
Gallery designers for striking ancient art gallery display.
Exhibition & gallery designs and display for art

Art collectors want to be wowed and see the ancient art objects in their entire splendor.

Our design company has been working and trusted by numerous galleries from all over the world. Our relationship with this particular art collector and wife go back many years.Which is one of the resons why our gallery designers and lighting specialists were chosen to apply all our design know how to make this happen.

Our gallery designers task is to increase visitor foot fall through the galleries. This will provide eye catching gallery window displays and in turn increase gallery exposure to potential new clientele.

Watch this space as we give teaser images of how works in the galleries are progressing. 

If you ave an art collection or gallery that needs its art to be displayed to its full potential. Then give our designers a call to discuss how layout and lighting can transform your collections and increase sales.

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