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Exhibition Mounts for M Shed Museum

With only a few days to go till the opening of this important social history exhibition. SMA design were asked if they could assist the in-house museum exhibition design team to display exhibition objects. These objects required museum quality individual object mounts.

Unfortunately all our exhibition mount makers were already fully committed. However wanting to help out one of our museum designers who had many years object mounting experience, came to the rescue.

All museum exhibition mounts were made on site and in the museums own workshops. The designs were both higher in quality and more athetic in nature than the museum was use to. Plus they reflected the exacting requirements that National museums insist on to the joy of the exhibition designer.

Initially the M Shed Museum requested a 3 day on site visit to produce the object mounts. However as with lots of exhibitions additional objects were found that still required exhibition mounts so this was extended for a further 2 days.

SMA design were delighted to be able to assist this friendly and talented in house exhibition design team to open the exhibition doors on time.

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Acylic book exhibition object mount
With laser cutting and traditional hand craftsmanship, object mounts that previously were impossible to produce, can now be produced affordably.
Stone head exhibition mount, removable male rod fixes into head and plinth
cradled object mount in floating polished acrylic & cherry wood support
Textiles stitched to linen back cloth and protected with removable anti reflective glass screens.
SMA design for all your object mounting, framing and packing requirements
Mounting of contemporary sculpture on to marble base - Our mount makers are able to design, produce and install all forms of object mounts.
Exhibition, museum art packing cases that use our unique anti shock and vibration base & lids, lessening in transit or storage damage.
SMA design are able to design, produce and install all forms of picture framing from contemporary to gilded frames.
African Congo objects mounted on backboard which conceals unsightly fixings and supports for the floating acrylic & cherry wood shelving that supports 50 kilos.
Using museum conservation methods our architectural model makers are able to conserve, clean and repair architectural models on site leaving no downtime for those important presentations.
Egyptian jewellery collection using simple brass cradle object mounts


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