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Different exhibition design approach by London exhibition design company.

Museum lighting design aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation & energy efficiency

Exhibition Museum design workshops helping you to achieve successful HLF applications
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Top 4 Exhibition Design Companies | London

SMA design are one of the top 4 exhibition design companies in London. Our design company has established an enviable reputation for high quality international exhibitions.

By never duplicating one of our earlier exhibition designs we impart originality, vitality and dynamism into interpretation and exhibition displays.

Not all exhibition design companies or firms can offer the same range of exhibition services as our team of experienced professionals.

When discussing your exhibition project we bring to the table not only enormous experience and know-how, but also the ability to respond to questions regarding exhibition graphic design, lighting design, branding, logistics, security and so many more.

Our design work for large property development companies provides us a unique ability to think out side the box. This different approach bring over these finely honed design techniques and technologies into exciting exhibitions for both commercial stands and museums.

300 international exhibition design projects.
300 international exhibition design projects..
Exhibition Design Companies | Firms, striking the right blend of content and interactivity
SMA design provide traditional exhibition & gallery designs for private art collectors.

Exhibition Design Company Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Development
  • CGI Visualisations
  • Touring Exhibitions
  • Exhibition Logistics
  • (HLF) NLHF Exhibition Workshops
  • Museum Exhibit Design
    Museum Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Showcase Design
  • Lighting Design / Focusing
  • Object Mounting
  • Art Installation
  • Art Packaging

This doesn't mean high tech, equals high cost solutions; in fact we are an advocate of low & high tech working together. It’s our ability of knowing how people interact with 2D & 3D information and visitor flows. That allows us to design exhibitions that leave the visitors less tired so able to more efficiently absorb information.

By displaying or imparting information in a less exhausting and enjoyable delivery method, allows visitors to remember their experience for longer. Not surprisingly this will increase the likelihood of a repeat visit and they spread the gospel about your organisation.

So if we have wetted your appetite to see the SMA design difference. Then give our exhibition design company a call so how we can guide you on your exhibition journey.


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Exhibition Design Services

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Museum Design Services

Master Planning
Heritage Lottery Support
Concept Development
CGI Visualisations
Interpretive Planning

Audience Development
Exhibit Design
Heritage / Visitor Centres
Gallery Design
Conservation Lighting
Object Mounting
Showcase Design & Dressing
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