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Museum Architectural Model Restoration - Dry cleaning

Mies van der Rohe Mansion House Square Architectural Model Conservation and Restoration - Mies van der Rohe & James Stirling: Circling the Square Exhibition

good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate & enrich on so many different levels.Museum lighting design must embrace aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation & energy efficiency
The models were skilfully restored with a sympathetic eye for the passage of time & their individual journeys

Museum Architectural Model Restoration & Conservation

Almost all museums will have architectural models in their collections which will require different levels of restoration, conservation and maintenance as a duty of care to their collections.

However most museums do not have the specialist skills to carry out these works. Our team of museum restoration and conservation model makers offer many sympathetic and unobtrusive conservation & restoration repair techniques which ultimately benefits the model by retaining the very essence of its historic journey.

Click for Featured Restoration Project: Texas Instruments

All architectural models become fragile with age, materials become brittle & adhesives dry out leading to eventual failure.
This natural process is exacerbated further by vibration, impact and shock, so keeping these to a minimum is paramount for the models longevity.

This is why restoration and conservation to architectural models is best performed at the models current location. When this is not possible the model must first be consolidated, then a condition report produced (with photographs) and any loose items catalogued prior to transport.

Our team clean and restore some of the world’s most precious architectural models.
architectural model retoration back to its original condition
Our architectural model makers are able to restore, conserve, clean and repair architectural models on site.
Restoration of architectural models roof.
architectural model packing cases, lessening shock in transit or storage damage.
Architectural model clean and repair fast track.
Architectural model restoration &repair.
Architectural model cleaning tools, materials allow an increased lift of dirt particles.
Museum architectural model restoration.
Museum need to maintain their architectural models as a duty of care to their collections
UAE musem architectural models restoration.
Architectural model restoration to City of London office development.

SMA design are able to provide the expertise of architectural model making combined with the right restoration and conservation methodology for the various types of model construction materials, for example; paper, card, cork, wood and acrylic.


Part of this restoration and conservation methodology is to utilise materials, adhesives and model making techniques that were originally used at the time of the models construction.

Various intensities of restoration and conservation are adopted to return the model to a level which is appropriate for its individual requirements, on certain projects only conservation is required leaving the patina that builds up with time.

Prior to any restoration, conservation or repairs being carried out, we discuss with the museum’s conservation team or project curator the various options available, allowing them to make an informed decision.

These specialist architectural model conservation & restoration techniques are especially important when the architectural model is part of an important historical collection and should not be abusive to the model original construction.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our architectural model, restoration, conservation or the packing and transportation of models, then contact our team where we can arrange an advisory consultation.

the difference is in the detail

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