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Architectural Model Repair Services

Mies van der Rohe Mansion House Square Architectural Model Conservation and Restoration - Mies van der Rohe & James Stirling: Circling the Square Exhibition

our passion and attention to detail generate engaging exhibition design solutionsMies van der Rohe Mansion Models Conservation and Restoration


impressive results, sma's museum restoration methodology transformed our models, so they can be enjoyed once more - CBRE

Architectural Model Repair Services

This 1-250 Scale architectural model of Texas Instruments 1961 factory in Bedford was rescued from the skip by Verve Developments the new owners of the Bedford Heights Business Centre.

This architectural model constructed around 55 years ago for planning purposes had been neglected and needed cleaning, repairs and restoration works.

Fortunately our museum cleaning, repair, conservation and restoration techniques are far superior than even those of the model makers that produced the original architectural model.

Architectural models become more fragile with age, materials become brittle & adhesives dry out, keeping vibration and shock impact to a minimum is paramount, so it was agreed that the these work would be carried out on site.

Architectural model of Texas Instruments 1961 factory in Bedford, museum quality repair & restoration was required.
Model was carefully cleaned using a brushed and a filter fitted over the vacuum cleaner hose pipe to catch loose model parts or landscaping.
As models age their adhesives loose solvents and become brittle, surprisingly this model had only superficial damage
After brushing & vacuuming the model was washed with a mild detergent and repairs completed.
 architectural model trees were stripped and foliage replaced using flock matting to match the original trees construction.
Surprisingly the model clean and repairs were all carried out onsite and in only 3 days including the making of the trees, landscaping and the addition of 1-250 scale cars.
1-250 Scale Architectural model of Texas Instruments building where Speak and Spell were produced.
The model will be proudly displayed in the buildings reception where we will return quarterly to maintain it for visitors to enjoy for years to come.

Model Restoration & Conservation Process

So after an initial inspection the model was carefully brushed whilst using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a fine filter over its hose pipe. In this way dust was safety removed whilst gathering any loose model parts or landscaping so they could be used later in the restoration process.

Surprisingly after being so neglected the architectural model only had superficial damage, broken fences and loose parts, which were easily reattached using adhesives that were available at the time of construction.

Following dust removal, various areas of the architectural model were tested for suitability of washing with a mild detergent and gentle abrasive cleaner to enable us to remove dirt & blemishes. Each of these stages can be seen by clicking on the images above. 

After 55 years trees and landscaping had perished, the decision was made to restore rather than conserve and so all trees were stripped and foliage replaced using flock matting to match the original trees construction and tonal colours.
Unusually the model had no scale markings, figures or cars so it was necessary to calculate the scale taking measurements for the existing building.

This architectural models transformation took only 3 days including repairs, making of the trees, renewed landscaped areas and the addition of cars.  With a purpose made stand this model was ready to be displayed in the buildings new reception. Fortunately for this architectural model we will be returning on a regular basis to keep it in good order.

If your architectural model needs a little TLC then give us a call to discuss a maintenance visit which will see your model transformed.

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